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Open riding:

Saturday, Nov 5th -12-6p.m

Sunday, Nov 6th  - 12-6p.m

This will be the last weekend we will be open for the season. Thank you, all for a great season.




2016 Racing Schedule





 Contact numbers are Bob @ 920.378.3864 or Kelly @ 920.418.0438 Thank You!!

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Now Available

2016 Sponsors - Contact Bob @ 920.378.3864 for details

Full Membership - $200 - Covers anytime we are open for open riding.

 You do not need to purchase a membership, if you choose not to it's $20

per rider. You do not need a membership

to race @ Gravity Park - Click on the link above

Reserved Parking - Click on the link above





In the Clubhouse Area

** Check website for daily updates. **

Any questions contact Bob (920.378.3864)

Follow the Race Calendar link to view the schedule

Keep checking the Website for week to week  Open Riding Dates and Times

 The new adult and minor waivers have been posted.

All waiver forms must be printed on a colored printer.

This year we will not be accepting the waiver forms through the mail. You can still print off the forms and fill them out

ahead of time. All waiver forms must be brought to the track with you.

Minors need to fill out 3 forms and Adults need to fill out 1 form.  Once you have the forms on file, you are ALL SET!!!  Please help us speed up the process by printing off the forms and getting them notarizedů. This will be required from ALL Racers, Open Riders, and Spectators entering the pit area. 

If you still have your waiver card from last year, bring it with you to the track

we will be using your same card,  we will be updating your information.

So,  you will still need to fill out the necessary waiver forms for the 2015 racing season.

If you are printing  the forms off the website,

Adults need to bring one form to the track,  and Minors need to bring all three forms to the track.  Minors need to

bring the 2 minor forms and the annual waiver form.

Click here for the NEW FORMS



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